Cristian Trifan

I am a Senior React Developer / Contractor / Freelancer with 17+ years of experience. I use my passion, experience and skills to design and implement top of the line software solutions for businesses worldwide.

What I Do

Frontend Development

Frontend development using React and TypeScript involves building the user interface of a web application using the React JavaScript library and TypeScript programming language.

Code Quality

Code quality is a critical aspect of frontend development as it directly impacts the performance and user experience of a website or application. By utilizing best practices and utilizing tools such as code linting, testing, and code reviews, developers can ensure that their code is clean, maintainable, efficient, and free of errors.

Website Security

Website security is the protection of a website and its users from cyber threats through measures such as encryption, software updates, and firewall. It helps to maintain user trust and protect sensitive information.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring in software programming are methods to improve your skills and achieve goals with the help of a trained coach or mentor. They provide guidance, feedback, and support to help you become a better software developer.